Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay regions are known to enjoy a vast diversity of birds, both endemic migratory and resident species. At least 30 endemics and up to 400 species can be found in the different habitats and ecosystems such as: mangroves, coastal lagoons, wetlands, tropical forests, jungles, tropical deciduous forests, thorn forests, pine and oaks forests, tropical ecotones, and pine evergreen forests.

Along with Canada and the U.S. we share the northern part of our continent, and together we can preserve our common wealth.

While enjoying this wealth of wildlife also comes a commitment to protect and preserve them. We invite you to participate anyway you can. By donating, volunteering or participating in our activities such the Vallarta Bird Festival or Bird Club. 

We invite you and your company to participate by donating to the Vallarta Bird Conservancy or becoming a sponsor for the 2015 Vallarta Bird Festival. We appreciate any support you may give us. 

You can also volunteer as we have different activities all round year. To do so, please contact us.